St. John’s Holds Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of St. John’s Lutheran Church was held Sunday afternoon on January 21, 2018, following worship and a noon meal of soup and sandwiches.

The meeting was called to order by the president of the council, Ryan Bushnell. Pastor Bill Iammateo-Code offered the prayer. Minutes of the last annual meeting were read and approved. Treasurer, Pat Swedberg, handed out copies of the 2017 church finances for all to review; it was discussed and approved by those assembled.

Reports were presented from the Ladies Aide by Jeanie Schmitter, Pastor Bill gave his report, and the Ministerial Alliance report was given by Virgil and Clarabelle Schmitter with Jeanie Schmitter presenting the update on the activities of the Blessings Consignment store at the Food Room.

It was voted to increase our benevolence by one percent this year.

Council members, whose terms expire, are Karmen Burt, Pat Swedberg, and Ryan Bushnell. It was voted to retain all three council members.

Karmen Burt and Pat Swedberg were asked, if they would be willing to continue as pianists and organist, they both agreed. No action for reporter.

Calendars with the 2018 year’s activities were given to each. Also, the Ladies Aide lists of hostesses and membership cards with phone numbers were passed around to all.

The meeting was adjourned, and the Council met following the annual meeting. Spouses not on the council were busy taking down the Christmas tree, putting away the decorations and lights, and cleaning the church. (Submitted by Clarabelle Schmitter)