Steve and Elise Toohill Public Hearing

The Schuyler County Commission convened with the following officers and members present: Rodney Cooper, Presiding Commissioner, Jim Werner, Associate Commissioner, Jeff Lindquist, Associate Commissioner, Bree Shaw, County Clerk, Kathy Steen, Deputy County Clerk, Lindsay Gravett, Prosecuting Attorney, Joe Wuebker, Sheriff.
The following business was had to wit:
The following were citizens in attendance: Steve and Elise Toohill, Steve Holper, Twila Anderson, Curtis L. Tallman, D.A. Daniels, Mike Whitlow, Larry Weaver, Ron Dukes, Lester Clark, Kurtis Grogan, Andrea Morris, Douglas Hyle, Charles Horten, Rod Castel, William Casteel, Nick Aeschliman, Alan Janssen, Jeb Weaver, Court Aeschliman, Alvin and Kristy Holton, Debbie Barnes, Ally Troesser, Daniel Troesser, Jonathon Ruzich, Evan Johnson, Brian Doerscher, Jack Kirk, Josh Flint, Ian Brooke, Kevin Buckallew, Adrian Starbuck, Ashley Aeschliman, Christina Kerby, R.D. Homer, Jr., Trenton Tallman, Barb Krummel, S. Jervey, Julie Farnsworth, Riley Miller, Shaelyn Scoon, Tylar Baker, Wade Yearns, Brett Campbell, Vanessa Shultz, Austin Buford, Alaena Aldridge, Lane Engle, Ethan Lawrence, Wyatt Homer, Riley Veatch, Colton Adniskey, Hunter Graves, Anthony Wilson, Mike McGoldrick, Jeff McGoldrick, Marta Aeschliman, Mike Dreckohage, John Ruth, and Jake McAllister.
Presiding Commissioner Rodney Cooper called the meeting to order at 10 a.m.
Elise Toohill explained to the group of citizens about the proposed Class IV CAFO that her and Steve are looking at building. The location of the building would be 1,735 feet from an occupied dwelling. The Schuyler County Health Ordinance has a setback rule of being 2,000 ft. from an occupied dwelling. The Toohill’s are requesting a variance to be able to build the proposed CAFO, even though they do not meet the 2,000 feet setback rule.
Steve Toohill spoke to the citizens, explaining that they had offered to rent Mr. Steve Holper’s rental house for 12 years.
Patrick explained the structure of the proposed building and the Waste Management Plan.
Curtis Tallman asked how far the land in Iowa was, and if they had easements for them. Elise stated that the land was contiguous into Iowa, and that they did have the easements.
Someone asked, if they will be knifing the manure-in in Iowa. They stated that they would be knifing the manure-in in both Iowa and Missouri. That is what their Manure Management plan states.
Cindy Whitlock asked, who is going to be responsible for making sure they apply the manure correctly in Iowa. The commissioners do not have jurisdiction in Iowa.
Rodney Casteel asked to pass around the map showing, where the location of the proposed CAFO would be.
Elise Toohill addressed that they meet the setback requirements for being so far from another CAFO.
Steve Holper explained that Mr. Toohill should meet the setback requirements, in order to build the CAFO. Mr. Holper feels that it is his lively hood to live out there.
Matt Henry explained the reason they are requesting the variance is due to the cost of meeting the setback requirements.
Mr. Holper said that he should have to meet the requirements. It is going to help Mr. Toohill, but is not going to help him money wise.
Jack Kirk stated that he would be the builder of the facility. He can assure that it would meet all the building standards. All of the materials would be purchased in Schuyler County.
Rodney Cooper asked, if there were any other hardships for the Toohill’s on moving the facility to meet the setback requirements. Steve Toohill stated that they do not have any other options to build it anywhere else due to the lay of the land, the cost of running electricity, and water. They are wanting to build this facility so that they can raise their kids here in Schuyler County, and not have two parents travelling for work and trying to raise a family.
Curtis Tallman asked about Doerschers and spreading of the manure on that land.
Cindy Whitlock stated that she was one of the original members that drafted the county Health Ordinance. She does not have a problem with their building, but she just doesn’t feel that they should be granted the variance. She feels that it will decrease the property values of Mr. Holper, and could affect hunters coming in to hunt. She feels that the commissioners need to follow the health ordinance.
Jeb Weaver stated that he was on the steering committee for the Health Ordinance. He feels that the Toohill’s have complied with all the rules of the health ordinance, except for the variance. He feels that, if they grant the variance that it could open them up for granting more variances in the future.
Ashley Aeschliman stated that she lives next to a building, and doesn’t really smell it. She stated that she did not see a problem with granting the variance.
Steve Holper stated that he would lose money due to the rental house, being so close to the building.
Alan Janson, an appraiser, spoke to the group in regards to doing AG appraisals. In his experience, he has not seen a negative impact on the AG appraisals. On residential properties, there have been some negative impacts on the more elite homes than on the local homes in Missouri in Iowa.
Steve Toohill stated that, when the health ordinance was adopted, it was obviously set up to be able to grant variance since it was put in the ordinance.
Mr. Holper said that he should put the CAFO in a different location.
Cindy Whitlock asked, if the county would be able to handle the extra water that would be used. Steve Toohill stated that they would be building a pond to use for water.
Charles Horten, a gentleman from Clark County, spoke in regards to being in the same situation on building a CAFO. He feels that they are an asset to the community.
Randy Whitlow asked how much water do the hog barns use from a pond. They will drink around 4,000 to 5000 gallons a day.
Rodney asked, if there were any more questions. There were no more questions.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.
I, Bree Shaw, certify as County Clerk of Schuyler County that I posted the Notice of Publication for Steve Toohill’s proposed Class IV CAFO on February 14, 2017, at the Schuyler County Courthouse lobby, Downing City Hall, Greentop City Hall, Queen City Hall, and Lancaster Post Office lobby. It was also published in the Schuyler County Times on February 16 and 23 issues. A copy of the affidavit of publication is on file in the County Clerk’s office.