Strong Winds Hit Schuyler

Schuyler and surrounding counties were hit by a storm on Monday night, March 6, 2017, that caused strong winds and some rain in our area. During the storm, the Times recorded winds gusting as high as 51 miles per hour, and registered about a half inch of rain. At 8:20 p.m. the winds sharply picked up, and shortly afterwards the electricity went down.
A spokesperson with Tri-County explained that power was lost in Adair and Schuyler Counties on Monday night due to a problem with their power provider, Northeast Power, and the strong winds of the storm. The power was lost to five of the seven substations, located in Kirksville, Connellsville, Sperry, Queen City, and Lancaster.
After working for over an hour, the linemen restored the power to the main substations, and then repaired the minor outage problems that remained. After a long night, Tri-County employees had the power back on around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.
A big thank you to Tri-County linemen, who work in adverse weather to keep the electricity flowing to homes and businesses.